Thursday, May 11, 2017

Showcasing the Joy of Dancing - Witness 2K17

Are you guys waiting eagerly to hear about my dance performance and also about the venue. Okay, here I am coming with all the details for you.

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         The venue is at #Russian Cultural Center, in Chennai. The stage is wonderful and it has all those big big flashing lights and huge speaker boxes. The moment I went inside, I couldn't locate the speaker boxes and thought as to how come such a big sound is coming..then my Dad showed me the concealed speakers and they are really cute. Then comes an array of lights, both big and small. There is an uncle sitting near to a small projecting device and he is controlling the angles of lights. They are able to move them up and down. The lights are getting focused on to the floor and roof and I liked that concept. I think, I need to get that set for my house as well. What say folks? So I was super excited with all this lights and sound effects and in the mean time, my #Satish Anna called me for the dress rehearsal. I happily went on to the stage to give my performance. But don't think that it was so smooth. There came another smoking surprise for me. Wondering what it is? Its a blower actually which blows the artificial smoke on to the dancers. The first time it came on to me, I was scared you know. But being a big boy, I should not cry in front of everybody naa. So I just danced away my fear you see.

         Can you imagine, what was the ultimate reward I got, for dancing away my fears. It's a tight hug and a big kiss from my Mom and Dad. Their hugs and kisses sent away all my fears. So it was time for getting ready and waiting for my final performance. We all got ready and my #Satish Anna gave us sandwiches and chocolate before the final performance, which we all ate happily, as we were all hungry. Please see the snap below of our entire team with #Satish Anna. Me, Satish Anna and Uday Anna are in the circle.

          The performance was over in a jiffy, after such a long wait. My Mom, Dad and Anna were all praising me for my dance. But I was not happy, you know why?. Post my performance, they sent us down the stage and my #Dancebox gurus gave their performance. I was feeling very sad, that they didn't include me in their performances. Theirs were for more longer duration and also involved lot of complex moves. Guys please tell me when would I be able to perform like them? Every body is telling me that I am small to do those dances. So even while getting the certificate, I was not sure whether to be happy or not?

          All these elders keep telling so many lies and also change the facts as they please. Some times they tell me that I am a big boy, some times they tell me that I am a small boy. Can you please at least tell me whom am I?

       Whom am I? A Big Boy or a Small Boy - Whom am I? When Can I dance all those complicate moves?

Monday, May 8, 2017

Fun time with Summer time Dancing - Witness 2K17

Summer has arrived with all the heat and sweat in Chennai. I was bit worried after my school closure as to how would I survive the summer with just laptop and TV. But you know what, my Mom has already heard my mind and so they went ahead and enrolled me in the #The Dance Box Studios in Chennai nearby my house.

          Till the time I was enrolled there, my whole idea of dancing is only for Madhuri's songs or for Kathak of Birju Maharaj ji's.  Once I joined the #The Dance box Studios team, I learnt that there is more to dance than I thought. Wow, what a fun it is to dance in the actual studio and see our reflection in the mirror. Can you guys relate to my wonder? whatever movements I do in the hall would like totally in a different way in the mirror opposite to me. My left becomes right in the mirror. How is that possible? I asked my good friends, Govinda and Krishna and they gave me a big theory about reflections and images. These days, they are all telling me too much theory that I am not able to understand and when I tell them, they say that I had already grown into a big boy of 5 years and I should understand them (Listen, I am not yet 5 OK, and already my auntie in the school tells me not to think too deep and ask serious questions) So guys whom should I listen, to my auntie in the school or to my friends. I am totally confused you see. 

           Okay, okay coming back to my dancing. I have a good brother there by name @Sathish, who teaches us the dance and he is so fun to be around. He thought me so many new moves which I had already mastered. He teaches advance moves to senior kids like jumping upside down, doing rolls on the floor. I am eager to try them out, but nobody is allowing me to try them. They say I am too young to manage them. Guys, when I have Govinda and Krishna as my friends, then I am the strongest and big boy naa, then why do this team and Dance box get the idea that I cannot handle, can you please tell them and help me out. 
With my team

         The dancing part is fun and the moves are quiet cool you know. The dress was also very nice. I liked it, and was able to wear it even though it was sweaty in Chennai. The venue was awesome and dancing there is a wonderful experience. 

Waiting at the Concert hall

        Ha ha ha, thinking I will tell you all about it now itself. No way, my friends are calling me, so I am rushing off and would tell you more about the venue and dancing on the D-Day a lot. Stay tuned for more updates folks. You would also get a surprise in the next post. Watch for it OK? 

Thursday, December 8, 2016

First Book - Shrav's Train travel

This book discusses about the first ride of Shrav on a train and his queries.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Which is better eating or drinking Horlicks?

The other day, I went to the near by supermarket along with my Mom. While browsing the shelf's I hit upon the shelf in which all the drink mixes are stored. I picked up the Junior Horlicks, as it has an attractive snack box packed along with it. I am still hunting for a new snack box as the school year is about to begin. (Let me share the secret - I got a Mickey Mouse box already, but this one seemed more attractive).

              When I showed it to my Mom, she told me that you wouldn't drink the Horlicks at all now a days. So its a waste of money, lets not buy it. But I told her that I would drink like how I used to do in my childhood regularly, so I need not only the Horlicks jar but also the Mcqueen coffee Mug on the opposite shelf (ha ha, two birds at a single shot - poor my Mom believed me). So my Mommy got me two goodies, which I can show it to my brother, who is a big jealous brat you know. 

            Next day, my Mommy gave me the Junior Horlicks in the Mcqueen mug to drink and went to the garden to water the plants. Can you guess what I did? 


         I gave off my Horlicks to my big brother and went to the kitchen and took the Horlicks bottle and started eating it. The taste was very good you know, better than mixing in the milk and drinking it. It just gets struck like the baby powder in my mouth, so I can savour the taste for ever. So I had quite a few spoonfuls of the same, in the mean time my mommy came into the kitchen and saw my face..then guess what happened? "SCREAM..SCREAM..YELL and YELL"


      I don't understand all that SCREAMING language you see...what is that so called big difference in eating and drinking Horlicks? Can you guys help me understand it please...

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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Madhuri - Will you dance with me?

Hey Madhuri akka, will you like to dance with me???

 My mommy was channel surfing one day and we hit upon your #Dance with Madhuri channel on #Tatasky. I told my Mommy that I want to see that channel and forced my mom to subscribe immediately. Poor my mommy didn't have any other option but to, which she did of course. Then came the interesting turn, as I got to see so many new dances and learn from you all. First song I learnt was for your Ek Do Teen which had some beautiful jumps and twirls. It took me a week to master them. In the meantime, Svetana sister came and I couldn't master her dance in that week and you guys removed that video from Tata Sky. But I could get over the disappointment soon as Namita akka came and showed us some new cool moves which were amazing, but she also disappeared fast...then came the Birju Maharaj...he always says, "kathak mein do ankh hote hai" and I liked his attire and his talk. So I asked my daddy to get that attire to me and want to dance like him very badly...but of course he also disappeared. Why does your friends disappear so fast...why can't all their dances be screened whole day? So that I can learn from all of them at a time. I also liked your Badi Mushkil dance, but now that’s also gone now from #Tatasky

            While watching your videos on the you tube, I accidentally found out your ".com" website and am after my Mommy to subscribe to that website as well, so that I can watch them online, but my mommy is saying using too much of laptop or IPad is bad for eyes. What she doesn't understand is that I watch only to listen song and dance to that tune. I don't sit in front of that screen naa. So she can subscribe for your website naa. She is not doing it from last one week and I am asking her daily. Finally, I went and downloaded that app on my IPad. But she needs to pay money for the subscription naa. Why don't you recommend it for my sake?  

       I had a dream the other day, that you came to Chennai Egmore station in the Mumbai express and I came to receive you in the station (since I love to travel in trains, I presume that you also would love to travel in trains, as you are my best friend) and gave you a big hug. You came home in my daddy's Ford car and we all had tea which my Mom made like in that 3 Roses tea ad. Then I gave you breakfast, post which you saw my dance first and then gave me a big star on my both hands. Then you showed me so many nice dance moves which were cool. We both are a good pair you know. Did my dream sound reasonable? So please do visit my house next time when you come to Chennai. Also, please bring Birju Maharaj with you naa. I want to show him what I learnt from him as well.

Folks - Did you like my new hobby and dream...

Picture Courtesy: Dance with Madhuri website

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Who says young kids are cute?

I got a new neighbour these days, and post that my freedom in the evenings has been curtailed! Curious as to why?

This new neighbour is a baby boy who doesn't even know how to talk. He walks very funnily, but the moment I come out of the house on my cycle in the evening, he would also come out and start following me...He only yells all the time and tries to blabber some thing, which nobody understands. Now all the aunties in my complex are taking turns to carry him.

          This guy always wants to follow me and I get irritated, as I want to cycle in peace. But this kiddo doesn't even walk properly so how can he cycle tell me. He just seems very small and doesn't know anything. He keeps running around whole time and that too at times with out wearing dress or shoes. All he would say is just one boring naa. My mommy says that I was also like that when I was small...tell me folks, can anybody be so boring..How can I not know, how to talk...I talk so much now I don't even remember those days when I didn't talk you guys remember by any chance.

         If I give him a car also, he doesn't know how to play. My mommy says that I need to teach can we teach a person who doesn't talk tell me folks? So obviously I didn't like this person at can he become a friend to me yaar.

Pic Courtesy:: Ali Express ad's for winter wear

Sunday, May 8, 2016

First movie experience - Want to know the details?

Have you guys ever watched a movie in theater? If not, then this blog is not for you you wouldn't understand the fun/boring stuff to do while in a movie theater. Getting confused, OK, let me explain in you in detail.

    Now that we are having summer holidays, my mommy hit upon this bright idea of giving me new experiences and making these holidays fun for me (in her view OK, not mine, so don't go into that delusion). What she doesn't understand is that I have umpteen ways hidden under my sleeve to make my day fun and playful and she need not worry about all these things. But being a mommy, she thinks that I am getting bored with my stuff and so she took that onus on her...let her feel happy with it.

        So off we go for watching Kungfu Panda 3 movie in the nearest mall. The multiplex was great, as it had a nice ambience and serene music...of course the music is so soothing that I can't dance for that music, but can only nod my head for the same...the people who manage that multiplex might want us to doze off there itself.

Image result for kung fu panda 3 images

         Cut the scene into the movie, it has such a blaring sounds that my ears started hurting, but the animation was good and the characters were talking pretty fast for I didn't bother to get involved in the story. I admired the animation and also the bigger TV screen in the movie theater. Then of course, you would obviously ask me whether I enjoyed the music tracks and the dancing jigs there in that movie. Music tracks were good, so I danced for few of them...the ribbon dance was OK, I didn't like the concept of holding a ribbon and dancing, so I gave it a go and didn't try it out...but the overall experience was good...

        I saw that there was a break time or snack time in the movie and most of the folks had gone out and got some snacks to eat. I thought that if my Babaji school teacher or the principal aunty were there, then they all would start yelling at the folks in the movie theater, as people were all eating junk food...I think their teachers have not told them what to eat and what not to I only had my milkshake like a sincere boy...

          The panda PO is also a good boy like me and can you believe he can eat 100+ dumplings in a single go...I am able to eat only just wondering when I can go really big like PO. His friends are also interesting. Somehow, I can't have that kind of interesting friends, as we don't get the tigeress and snake in Chennai right?

          You all agree that I am good boy this is the crux of my movie was OK OK types...we can watch films once in a while, not every weekend though. I have lot of other stuff to take care can all those things wait for me.. so see ya till then, take care.